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Press Release - TEIA Registered Non-Profit


Teia is excited to announce it is now an official legal entity, a non-profit Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Limited Liability Company (DAO LLC).

27 March 2023

Teia has been operating as a community driven marketplace since November 11 2021, when former Tezos platform Hic et Nunc shut down. A passionate and active team of volunteers in the Tezos ecosystem joined together to maintain the infrastructure of the much-loved HEN platform, working through naming and operational decisions to create Teia.

Fast forward to March 2023 and the dedicated team of volunteers are proud to announce legal registration has been achieved, allowing Teia to work towards further decentralisation of decision making for the community powered art platform.

Teia is excited to be one of the first non-profit, open-source and community-owned NFT marketplaces. As a legal entity Teia can continue to improve the platform through community consultation and most importantly, begin to collect fees to help maintain infrastructure and give back to artists and collectors through exciting events, bounties and initiatives.

The core values of Teia are centred around inclusion, accessibility, diversity, sustainability and more - many communities and values purposefully considered in decision making and future planning. Teia aims to provide access and support for marginalised communities, delivering a decentralised platform and unite the global south and north to bridge the divide created by systemic inequities and celebrate the love of creative expression.

So if you would like to support Teia, consider swapping on teia.art and join us in celebrating this wonderful milestone! Just share your art with the tag #SwapOnTeia.

For further information about the DAO, token distribution and more, head to our announcement blog post for a detailed update.

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