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A Closer Look at Teias UI Upgrade


See What's new with Teia's 2023 Frontend Upgrade


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Since the Teztok integration update went live in the beginning of March 2023, Teia has gotten heaps of new Design improvements and feature updates. lets look at the most important ones in detail!


User Configuration

More Options! Want to hide NSFW or GIFs etc that hurt your eyes with their flashing? Select ‘Config’ at the top right, after clicking the menu and choose what’s best for your Teia experience.

‘Allow NSFW…’ stops the blurring of works that the artist or the mods have deemed unsuitable for work. ‘Allow Photosensitive…’ stops the blurring of works that the artist or the mods deemed to potentially have characteristics that may visually affect some people.

You can also chose different RPC Nodes in the config menu. This can help in case there are issues with the node you are currently using. So, if you experience issues with transactions, try a different node and see if it helps!

config01 config02

Feed Layout

Previously, all feeds on Teia have been showing the artworks in a list format: One artwork below the next. On profile pages, the artworks have been shown in grid view. Now, you can decide for yourself which of those layouts you want to use!

You can switch between grid view and list view on any Teia feeds or profile pages by simply hitting the key "v" or using the buttons on top of the page.

grid list

UI Themes

If you would like to paint the Interface a little more colorful: You can choose from a set of visual themes - find that list right on the menu, or from the Config page.


Mint files up to 2GB!

Some have already noticed it: The new Teia Update changed the file size limit from the common 100MB to a whopping 2GB! Especially video art requires big file formats and we are very happy to make minting of bigger files possible now!

Versum Swap Integration

With the Teia update, we now have integrated Versum swaps of Hicetnunc/Teia tokens: Versum shows Tokens minted on hicetnunc/Teia now on their UI and allows these tokens to be swapped on the Versum marketplace.

Event Widget

A button above the filter gives more details about events - fundraisers that Teia artists are involved with. You can see all the Teia objkts raising funds through split contracts on Teia (with at least a 50% split). For example, the #TezQuakeAid feed will show you all the works minted for the effort. Have fun exploring and supporting these fundraising initiatives!

also: Finally, every feed has its own static link, like this one for #TezQuakeAid: https://teia.art/feed/quake-aid friends

Token Details

By default, you see basic information under each objkt - artist, quantity, price ... Mouse over any objkt and see title, description. Not just on the feed page, but anywhere you see an objkt, even on your own profile and collection.

Are you a purist and don't want to get distracted by all this info and just want to take in the art? No Problem: Selecting "Zen" in the menue simplifies the visual look by removing most text from the objkt display pages. Pressing the "z" key on your keyboard will turn zen mode off/off.


Filter the feed by an increasing range of options: Just want to collect interactives? filter html + svg; Delve into past events, see objkts by friends or recent sales or find intriguing stuff in PDF format like zines, mags, … baker notes!

The popular "Friends Feed" that displays new tokens from artists you have already collected from has moved into the feed filter options dropdown, too. Of course you need to sync your wallet before using that feed type.

We have a lot of new feed types and filters on our roadmap, for example dedicated feeds for NSFW pieces, 1/1 editions and photosensitive animations so keep an eye on the feed dropdown!

Acessibility Content Filtering

Acessibility has always been one of Teia's core values: Our goal is to make Teia a safe and comfortable place for everyone. On the other hand, artistic freedom is extremely important for any artist platform, of course.

While Teia wants to be a platform for all art forms, including ones that use flashing animations, sexual depictions and violence, we want to give the users the options to hide these kinds of contents that can cause harm and distress to some people. Here is what we came up with:

For context:

  • NSFW (=Not Safe for work) for our puposes means crass and very (!) sexual imagery and depictions of violence or gore, especially content that can be considered trauma-triggering. While of course these topics are an important part of the human experience and therefore important to artistic expression, we want to make sure that people who have experienced trauma can use Teia safely.
  • PHOTOSENSITIVE means artworks that that are rapidly flashing, high contrast with vibrant colouration, pieces with rhythmic or unsettling movement, and vibrating or undulating visuals. These types of animations can potentially cause pain, disorientation, injury, even death for those with conditions aggravated by certain visual stimuli. Conditions include Epilepsy, Migraine, Sensory Processing, Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury (ABI/TBI), and Vertigo.

While minting, artists are asked to use the options for NSFW and Photosensitrive content properly. Per default, pieces classified as NSFW will be displayed with a blur filter applied, PHOTOSENSITIVE pieces additionally get dimmed to counter the flickering animation.


Users can turn the filtering of NSFW and/or PHOTOSENSITIVE on or off in the user config page. These settings will be stored locally in your browser, so your browser will remember your choice.

Additionally, Teia's copyminting Team will be able to manually add pieces to both categories if needed. Pieces with the tag "nsfw" are also be automatically added to the NSFW category and can be removed from that classification if needed.

If you are unsure how to classify your pieces or want to add an old piece of yours to one of the accessibility categories, get in touch with the content team on Teia's discord!

We are aware that blurring pieces in Teia's feeds and overview pages reduces the visibility of said pieces and we will try to counter this by offering dedicated NSFW/PHOTOSENSITIVE feeds, dedicated shill channels on discord and we will keep on looking for more ways to promote them

For Artists whose main pages get heavily blurred by this new policy, we implemented a way to create more user friendly profile links that don't blur your pieces per default but will first ask the visitor to confirm that they are fine with viewing your profile without blur. For example NSFW artists can use this modified link in their linktree or whenever linking to their Teia profile.

Simply put "?yolo" at the end of your profile link like this: https://teia.art/elbi?yolo