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Teia DAO beta testing begins!


The journey to DAO continues!

With the TEIA token claiming period officially closed and about 3 million tokens claimed, the Teia community is finally able to start experimenting with the TEIA tokens.

All unclaimed tokens, approximately 5 million, have gone back into the treasury for the time being, but will be used for future distributions based on individual participation in the development of Teia in avenues as yet to be determined, so stay tuned for updates if you missed the claim or were ineligible in the latest claim period!

Some core tasks upcoming include the development of the Teia Equity and Regional DAO Representatives framework, outreach and PR, as well as educational tools. If you would like to join the development of Teia please join us in the Discord, we would be happy to have you apply whatever skills you have and whatever capacity you have to contribute to Teia!

Today we start our DAO open beta testing phase. Anyone who holds TEIA tokens can take part and help test our DAO governance contracts. To catch up on the current state of the DAO and for some additional information, check out this recent interview with some Teia core team members on Twitter Spaces

And here is how it works:

Let's explore the new DAO tools together!

A few days ago we opened a new feature: the teia.art/dao page (also accessible through the menu on teia.art).

screenschot of the two new menue items on teia: "DAO governance" and Polls"

Here, DAO members (= TEIA tokens holders) are now able to access the voting tools and test them with their own TEIA tokens.

During the beta, members can vote and set up dummy proposals and polls for testing purposes. Of course, these won’t have a decision-making effect for Teia, but will be very important for two main reasons:

  1. While the DAO contracts have been tested by the team for months now and evaluated by external smart contract devs, we want to expand the testing group and make sure there are no bugs and exploits in the contracts we use for our DAO.

  2. We want to see how much DAO members are interested in voting on a regular basis. We need solid numbers on the amount of active voters to adjust our DAO parameters. For example, every DAO proposal will need a minimum number of votes to be approved (a.k.a the quorum). We need to decide on that number. It should not be too low that all proposals get approved and not too high that it’s impossible to approve DAO proposals.

There are two different types of voting tools:

screenshot of teias "proposals" page

DAO proposals, that can be set up by anyone who holds TEIA tokens. Those Proposals will be legally binding decisions for Teia. DAO proposals need a lot of votes to pass; they can only be in the format of yes/no votes and are supposed to be used for "big decisions" like transfers from the main treasury, roadmap decisions, and appointing and removing core team members. You can find the DAO proposal page at teia.art/proposals.

screenshot of teias firt test poll calles "whats your favorite animal?"

Polls, on the other hand, are more flexible; here, a simple majority of votes is enough for a poll to pass. There can be more than two options. These are supposed to be ways of polling the community in a less binding way, to get quick community responses on smaller decisions (for example, "Should we add this new feature?") You can find the poll tool here at teia.art/polls.

More documentation and tips on how to exactly use the new tools will follow soon on our wiki and in short info tweets on Twitter and Bluesky. We are also looking for volunteers that can help with documentation. If you are interested, let us know via [email protected] or Discord.

Call to action: join the fun!

Are you interested in Teia's DAO efforts but didn't have the time and energy yet to dig deep into the DAO documentation? Are you looking for an easy and fun way to familiarize yourself with our governing structure risk-free? Or do you simply want to set up and vote on the most absurd votes Teia's DAO contracts will see in probably a long time (before we switch to serious business)?

We set up an initial DAO proposal and a first dummy poll so you can start with simply voting on those and see how it works.

Then simply visit the DAO page at teia.art/dao and take a look around, sync your wallet with Teia and vote on proposals, set up your own DAO proposals and/or community polls and vote.

Please send feedback and notes from using the tools either to [email protected], hand in comments via GitHub issues or leave them on Teia's Discord server.

If you want to help further, join the DAO channel on our Discord and discuss how your testing went: did you find bugs in the user interface? What is the user experience like? Did we miss something? Does voting work with all wallets … any feedback is highly appreciated.

What happens after the beta?

This testing phase will be going on for a few months before we switch to the next phase of the DAO launch: we will start using the tested contracts and UI for voting on actual decisions for Teia. During this phase, the core team multisig will still be the legal owners of the Teia DAO LLC, to make sure issues with the contracts or setup cannot lead to issues for Teia. After a few months (maybe half a year), we will transfer the legal ownership of Teia to the DAO contracts at which point the holders of TEIA tokens will legally be owners of the Teia DAO LLC and the current DAO team has reached their goal of creating the first DAO-owned NFT platform.