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Feature announcement: 3D token view with anaverse


Experience your OBJKTs in a new dimension

Teia just received a nice little new feature: 3D previews for your NFTs! This new addition allows you to experience your tokens in a immersive generative 3D space.

To use the feature, simply hit the new “see in 3D” button next to the full screen button on Teias token page and view it in a generative anaver.se 3D space. You can walk around it, move it somewhere else, add other tokens to go with it and do all that collaboratively with the other people connected!

A single click brings you back to the original view.

This feature, contributed by user anaglyphic via a simple github PR not only enhances the user experience on Teia but is also a great example of how our open-source development model works. Many thanks to all who actively contribute to the Teia.art community!