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Announcement: Teia marketplace contract Launch



The Teia marketplace contract is finally live: New swaps done on Teia will be on the community owned swapping contract. We have an initial marketplace fee of 0% and will switch to a real fee (probably around 2.5%) later to cover maintenance and operational costs. The funds will be managed by a multisig contract, with decisions being done via community votes

For now, please consider donating to the address "hereandnow-fund.tez" to support operational costs.

Old swaps (on the hicetnunc v2 contract) will stay visible and tradeable on teia.art for the foreseeable future. The new marketplace/swapping contract does not affect the visibility of the objkt tokens minted on teia/hicetnunc: Teia is still using the same minting contract as hicetnunc for now.

Please understand that there might be some delays and troubleshooting over the next days. It will also take quite some time until the new swaps will be supported by objktcom. (see below)

swapping with collab contracts

Unfortunately, swapping from collab contracts doesn't work currently on the new marketplace contract. For swapping objkts with collab contracts, please use the alternative mirror http://teia.rocks to swap onto the old v2 contract. We are working on making the swaps from collab contracts possible from teia.art directly.

Vote: Visibility of objkt.com swaps

There is a community vote live on Teia Vote on the question of showing OBJKT token swaps done on objkt.com on the Teia UI.

Swaps/listings done on Teia.art will only be shown on platforms that support/index our marketplace contract. Hic et nunc will not support the Teia swaps, but objkt.com offered to show Teia listing prices/swaps and asked us to show swaps done on objkt.com in return.

For further information, please refer to the Discourse thread on the topic

cast your vote here (vote runs until 25th of march, 00:00 UTC) https://vote.teia.art/vote/QmPDYWmGdxae8gUxqiPa4rkuQCc8P6sggLvUi5HQrrCzug