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Teia Newsletter #4 - 21 Mar 2022


The soft-launch continues!

Find a Chinese translation of the Article below.

In this Week’s Newsletter: Marketplace Contract Launch, Design Updates, News About Teia’s Path Towards a DAO, Site Traffic Data, Outreach and More Fun!

The Teia Community is moving on with the Teia Development: The past few days Teia has taken some huge steps forward. The marketplace contract going live marks having reached another important milestone towards Teia’s autonomy and decentralization!

Teia Marketplace Contract Launch

The new Teia marketplace contract is now live with a temporary fee of 0% (for a limited time until we incorporate). The Teia Community plans to switch to a marketplace fee around 2.5% after that. (Read more on our wiki)

Unfortunately, swapping from collab contracts doesn’t work currently on the new marketplace contract. For swapping OBJKTs with collab contracts, please use the alternative mirror http://teia.rocks to swap onto the old v2 contract - your swaps will then also appear on http://teia.art - the dev team is currently working on fixing this issue. -> Update march 24th: This issue has been fixed, swapping with collab contracts works again on teia.art. Note: Swaps done with collab contracts are currently happening on the hicetnunc v2 marketplace contract, the dev team is working on switching collab swapping to the Teia marketplace contract currently.

Please understand that there might be some delays and troubleshooting over the next days. It will also take some time until the new swaps will be supported by places like objktcom. The swaps on the new contract will need to be indexed by the sites that want to display them. Find more infos on the visibility of Teia swaps on our Wiki

Voting On Showing Swaps From Objkt.com

Having the new swapping contract in place means that we have to decide if we want to display swaps done on other marketplaces on teia.art. Along with this, we can start asking other marketplaces that display OBJKTs to show our swaps on their end. For further information, please refer to the Discourse thread on the topic. Please note that we are still using the same minting contract as hicetnunc, so for now, teia OBJKTs are the same as HEN OBJKTs. This means that the OBJKTs minted on Teia show up on all marketplaces that show hicetnunc OBJKTs (i.e. hicetnunc.xyz, objktcom, rarible, hic.af, etc). This won’t change no matter which platform supports which swapping contract. The swapping contract is the mechanism for listing OBJKTs for sale at a specific price and quantity.

A suggestion raised earlier on our Discord was to ask objktcom to show swaps done on Teia if we showed swaps done on their platform. This idea was brought to objktcom and they agreed that this would be a viable option. Please note that NFTs minted through objktcom will not be visible on Teia, since these are a different type of token.

We have set up a vote on the Teia Vote tool asking the Community if we should display objktcom’s swaps. (The list of wallets that are eligible to vote is the same as for the naming vote.) You may cast your vote here (until 25th of March, 00:00 UTC): https://vote.teia.art/vote/QmPDYWmGdxae8gUxqiPa4rkuQCc8P6sggLvUi5HQrrCzug

Finance: Infrastructure Costs Donations

The estimated expense to keep the platform running is 1,350 USD per month. We also will need about 1,650 USD for one off expenses plus some additional amounts for legal and registration costs. To find out more about the expected monthly and one-time expenses that will help to keep Teia operational, take a look at the Teia Notion Finances section. (Currently there are no allocations for wages for any Teia Community individuals; at this stage everyone is volunteering their time and energy.)

To cover these costs during the time that Teia is not collecting marketplace fees, we are asking the Community for donations into the following wallet (set up by Manitcor/TezTools to collect funds for their operations and go into Teia upkeep costs. You may also donate NFTs.): https://tzkt.io/tz1VsAWHavM8PvJZpedLr5BWuveypGxSVJUf/operations/

See the NFTs that have been donated to the wallet and are up for sale here : https://objkt.com/profile/hereandnow-fund/owned

(You can always help the cause by sharing and promoting the wallet and its secondary sales!)

Please see this twitter thread for more information teztooldono

User Interface Updates Go Live!

Teia now has its own unique look! The UI changes to hicetnunc’s user interface were initially developed during the May 2021 hicathon. The UI improvements have subsequently been optimized for better readability (resolving some general design issues) while keeping true to the simplicity and stripped down feel of hicetnunc. The menu has been updated too, with an improved structure and links leading to our own Teia wiki pages. Take a look and explore the subtle changes to the interface of teia.art!


DAO Development

Discussions and development around our DAO are moving along. Two working groups are currently sorting out the next steps, which will be the smart-contract development and the legal registration of Teia as an entity. Those two fields are heavily intertwined and need to be developed in context of each other; for example, we plan to use the DAO tokens only for governance and not for sharing profits, since this will allow us to stay a non-profit and avoid a lot of legal issues.

Another step is determining the distribution of new Teia DAO tokens (currently being referred to as tDAOs). This involves finding a balance of rewarding hDAO holders (by using a snapshot) and also rewarding recent activity on Teia when we perform the initial DAO token drop. We are hoping to create a tool to create a hDAO snapshot at a given block level, including tokens in LPs. We also need to agree on a specific formula to translate HEN/Teia users’ activity to tDAOs. You can visit the #general-dao channel of our Discord to follow along with the discussion. Once we have specific proposals, they will likely be presented to the whole community for an on-chain vote.

Registration Roadmap

You can find a detailed summary of discussion regarding the registration of the Teia DAO on this Discourse Thread

The discussions indicate this possible roadmap for the incorporation of Teia forming:

  1. We will put the marketplace contract live to promote swapping on that contract at 0% for a limited time (a few weeks) while using the infra donation wallet to cover the bills.
  2. Raising funds for incorporation in the RMI (the Republic Of Marshall Islands) as a DAO (through donations or through putting a marketplace fee in place for a limited time before incorporating and deciding on whether the RMI DAO incorporation is the right way to go for us).
  3. Incorporating as a DAO (potentially in RMI) ASAP with a very simple, initial governance model with our first DAO model (see below).

DAO Smart-Contract Development

Jagracar has started developing the smart-contracts needed for the tech side of Teia DAO, and the #smart-contract working group in Discord is currently discussing and improving those contract codes.

So far we have created the first prototypes for the following DAO smart-contracts:

DAO governance contract prototype - mixture of the multi-sig and the murmuration (Kolibri DAO) contracts: https://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/jagracar/feature/dao-governance/python/contracts/daoGovernance.py

DAO Token prototype: https://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/main/python/contracts/daoToken.py

DAO drop ("minter") contract prototype: https://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/main/python/contracts/daoTokenDrop.py

The next big challenge will be adjusting the main DAO governance contract. A lot of important questions need to be answered, such as:

  • Does our DAO governance contract allow for one proposal and/or many proposals at the same time?
  • Which is the minimum quorum necessary to approve proposals and how will that quorum be updated after each proposal?
  • Should we use a quadratic voting model to avoid people with a lot of tokens from having too much voting power? If so how do we avoid possible sibyl attacks, (individuals creating multiple wallets to increase their voting power)?
  • Which fraction of the votes will go to the equity representatives, and how is that list determined/updated?

(All of those parameters, of course, can be adjusted over time. We will probably start with a very simple setup; and improve upon that via voting on proposals.)

Seeking: DAO and smart-contract experts to help test and design our DAO model and contracts. Please head to the #smart-contract and #general-dao channels on Discord if you want to contribute by developing, discussing or reviewing the smart contracts. (Talk to our smart contract dev coordinator jagracar)

Teia Interview Recording “The Swap”

Last week, members of Teia were interviewed at WiseApe and Jesse Altmans Interview series "The Swap". You can find a recording of that on our youtube channel:

Monthly Traffic Statistics

TezTools shared a traffic analysis report for our main site, teia.art. The data shows that Teia is getting some good traffic (see github document archive) from around the world. The excerpt below shows the countries which are most active on teia.art. We would like to continue our growth across as many communities as possible, and a big part of this outreach is translating our communications into non-English languages. If you are available to volunteer as a translator, please visit the #translations channel of our Discord to assist.


This week on Discord: Community Brainstorming Exercise

Help us write “The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About (Tezos NFT Platform) Teia”!

This week in the Teia Community Discord Server we’re hosting a collaborative community #teia-top-10 thread/discussion about what Teia is and why it stands out in the landscape of NFT marketplaces. There are so many wonderful and unique features that make Teia special; what do you think should be included in this list? (The plan is to spend this week collaboratively drafting the Teia Top 10 List in the Teia Discord and then polish it up for blog, video, and social media distribution — to be used for outreach and grassroots marketing for Teia Community broadly.)

Here is the link to the discord thread (subthread of the #general channel)


Events Updates

There have been 75 Ukraine Relief fundraiser pieces minted with the collab contract already. The Teia Community plans on promoting the initiative with a gallery page on the marketplace site, Twitter spaces, and further outreach. We will update the community once we have events/galleries set up for that.

700k OBJKTs Milestone

Since the last newsletter, we have passed the 700k OBJKT milestone! There is still time to mint a celebratory OBJKT. Feel free to view our “General Tips for participating in milestone events” if you would like some guidance.


In celebration of the upcoming April Fools holiday (April 1st), the Tezos community wide event #Fool4Tez has been organized. Please see the tweet linked below for more details.


Tutorial of the Week: Collab Contract Guide

Ktorn created an explainer video for the collab contract feature on teia.art . This guide is a walk-through screen recording of the steps of creating a “collaborate” (collab) contract. An accompanying written guide for the collab contract is also on the Teia wiki:

Chinese Translation

(by Jovi)

在本周的时事通讯中:市场合同启动、设计更新、关于 Teia DAO 治理的新闻、站点流量数据、外展和更多乐趣!

Teia 社区正在继续进行 Teia 开发:在过去的几天里,Teia 向前迈出了一大步。市场合约的上线标志着 Teia 的自治和去中心化又达到了一个重要的里程碑!

Teia 市场合约发布

新的 Teia 市场合同现已生效,临时费用为 0%(在我们合并之前的有限时间内)。Teia 社区计划在此之后转换为 2.5% 左右的市场费用。(在我们的 wiki 上阅读更多内容)

不幸的是,目前在新的市场合同还无法支持合作合同。要使用协作合约交换 OBJKT,请使用替代镜像http://teia.rocks交换到旧的 v2 合约 - 然后您的交换也会出现在http://teia.art - 开发团队目前正在修复这个问题。

请理解,接下来的几天可能会出现一些延迟和故障排除。objktcom 等支持新的交换也需要一些时间。新合约上的掉期需要显示它们的站点编制索引。在我们的 Wiki 上查找有关 Teia 交换可见性的更多信息

投票显示来自 Objkt.com 的掉期

有了新的市场合约意味着我们必须决定是否要在teia.art上显示在其他市场上完成的交换。除此之外,我们可以开始要求其他显示 OBJKT 的市场显示我们的掉期。有关详细信息,请参阅有关该主题的 Discourse 线程。请注意,我们仍然使用与 hicetnunc 相同的铸币合约,因此目前,teia OBJKT 与 HEN OBJKT 相同。这意味着在 Teia 上铸造的 OBJKT 会出现在所有显示 hicetnunc OBJKT 的市场上(即 hicetnunc.xyz、objktcom、rarible、hic.af, 等等)。无论哪个平台支持哪个交换合约,这都不会改变。交换合约是列出 OBJKT 以特定价格和数量出售的机制。

早些时候在我们的 Discord 上提出的一个建议是,如果我们在他们的平台上显示交换完成,请让 objktcom 显示在 Teia 上完成的交换。这个想法被带到了 objktcom,他们同意这将是一个可行的选择。请注意,通过 objktcom 铸造的 NFT 在 Teia 上不可见,因为它们是不同类型的代币。

我们已经在 Teia 投票工具上设置了投票,询问社区是否应该显示 objktcom 的 swap。(有资格投票的钱包列表与命名投票相同。)您可以在这里投票(截至 3 月 25 日,00:00 UTC): https ://vote.teia.art/vote/ QmPDYWmGdxae8gUxqiPa4rkuQCc8P6sggLvUi5HQrrCzug


维持平台运行的估计费用为每月 1,350 美元。我们还需要大约 1,650 美元的一次性费用以及一些额外的法律和注册费用。要了解有关有助于保持 Teia 运营的预期每月和一次性费用的更多信息,请查看Teia Notion 财务部分。(目前没有任何 Teia 社区个人的工资分配;在这个阶段,每个人都在自愿贡献自己的时间和精力。)

为了在 Teia 不收取市场费用期间支付这些费用,我们要求社区向以下钱包捐款(由 Manitcor/TezTools 设置,用于为其运营筹集资金并支付 Teia 维护费用。您也可以捐款 NFT。): https ://tzkt.io/tz1VsAWHavM8PvJZpedLr5BWuveypGxSVJUf/operations/

查看已捐赠给钱包并在此处出售的 NFT: https ://objkt.com/profile/hereandnow-fund/owned




Teia 现在有了自己独特的外观!对 hicetnunc 用户界面的 UI 更改最初是在 2021 年 5 月的中断期间开发的。UI 改进随后进行了优化,以获得更好的可读性(解决了一些一般设计问题),同时保持了 hicetnunc 的简单性和精简感。菜单也已更新,具有改进的结构和指向我们自己的 Teia wiki 页面的链接。一起来看看 teia.art 界面的细微变化吧!


DAO 开发

围绕我们 DAO 的讨论和发展正在推进。两个工作组目前正在整理接下来的步骤,这将是智能合约的开发和 Teia 作为实体的合法注册。这两个领域紧密相连,需要在彼此的背景下发展;例如,我们计划仅将 DAO 代币用于治理而不是用于分享利润,因为这将使我们能够保持非营利性并避免许多法律问题。

另一个步骤是确定新 Teia DAO 代币(目前称为 tDAO)的分配。这涉及在奖励 hDAO 持有者(通过使用快照)和奖励最近在 Teia 上的活动之间找到平衡,当我们执行初始 DAO 代币投放时。我们希望创建一个工具来在给定的块级别创建 hDAO 快照,包括 LP 中的代币。我们还需要就将 HEN/Teia 用户的活动转化为 tDAO 的特定公式达成一致。您可以访问我们 Discord 的#general-dao 频道以跟随讨论。一旦我们有了具体的提案,它们很可能会提交给整个社区进行链上投票。


您可以在此 Discourse Thread 上找到有关 Teia DAO 注册的详细讨论摘要

讨论表明了 Teia 成型合并的可能路线图:

  1. 我们将上线市场合约,以在有限的时间内(几周)以 0% 的价格促进该合约的交换,同时使用基础设施捐赠钱包支付账单。
  2. 为在 RMI(马绍尔群岛共和国)注册为 DAO 筹集资金(通过捐赠或通过在注册之前在有限时间内收取市场费用,并决定 RMI DAO 注册是否适合我们)。
  3. 尽快将一个非常简单的初始治理模型与我们的第一个 DAO 模型合并为 DAO(可能在 RMI 中)(见下文)。

DAO 智能合约开发

Jagracar 已开始开发 Teia DAO 技术方面所需的智能合约,Discord 中的#smart-contract 工作组目前正在讨论和改进这些合约代码。

到目前为止,我们已经为以下 DAO 智能合约创建了第一个原型:

DAO 治理合约原型 - 多重签名和杂音(Kolibri DAO)合约的混合: https ://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/jagracar/feature/dao-governance/python/合约/daGovernance.py

DAO 代币原型: https ://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/main/python/contracts/daoToken.py

DAO drop ("minter") 合约原型: https ://github.com/teia-community/teia-smart-contracts/blob/main/python/contracts/daoTokenDrop.py

下一个重大挑战将是调整主要的 DAO 治理合约。许多重要的问题需要回答,例如:

  • 我们的 DAO 治理合约是否允许同时提出一个提案和/或多个提案?
  • 批准提案所需的最低法定人数是多少?在每个提案之后如何更新该法定人数?
  • 我们是否应该使用二次投票模型来避免拥有大量代币的人拥有过多的投票权?如果是这样,我们如何避免可能的女巫攻击,(个人创建多个钱包以增加他们的投票权)?
  • 股权代表将获得哪一部分选票,该名单是如何确定/更新的?


寻求:DAO 和智能合约专家帮助测试和设计我们的 DAO 模型和合约。如果您想通过开发、讨论或审查智能合约做出贡献,请前往 Discord 上的#smart-contract#general-dao 频道。(与我们的智能合约开发协调员 jagracar 交谈)

Teia 采访录音“The Swap”

上周,Teia 的成员在WiseApeJesse Altmans采访系列“The Swap”中接受了采访。您可以在我们的 youtube 频道上找到录音:

The Swap Interview with Teia Community | March 16 2022 | #Tezos #NFT #CleanNFTs


TezTools 分享了我们主站点teia.art的流量分析报告。数据显示 Teia 正在从世界各地获得一些良好的流量(参见github 文档存档)。下面的摘录显示了 teia.art 上最活跃的国家。我们希望在尽可能多的社区中继续我们的发展,而这一外展的很大一部分是将我们的交流翻译成非英语语言。如果您愿意担任翻译志愿者,请访问我们 Discord 的#translations 频道以提供帮助。


本周 discord 纪要:社区头脑风暴练习

帮助我们撰写“关于(Tezos NFT 平台)Teia 您需要了解的 10 件事”!

本周在 Teia 社区 Discord Server 中,我们将举办一个协作社区 #teia-top-10 线程/讨论,讨论 Teia 是什么以及为什么它在 NFT 市场中脱颖而出。有许多奇妙而独特的功能使 Teia 与众不同;你有什么好的建议欢迎加入讨论?(计划是在本周共同起草 Teia Discord 中的 Teia 前 10 名列表,然后将其完善以用于博客、视频和社交媒体分发——广泛用于 Teia 社区的外展和营销计划。)

这是不和谐线程的链接(#general 频道的子线程)





已经有 75 件乌克兰救济筹款活动与合作合同一起铸造。Teia 社区计划通过市场网站上的画廊页面、Twitter 空间和进一步的外展来推广该倡议。一旦我们为此设置了活动/画廊,我们将更新社区。

700k OBJKT 里程碑

自上期通讯以来,我们已经通过了 700k OBJKT 里程碑!还有时间铸造一个庆祝的 OBJKT。如果您需要一些指导,请随时查看我们的“参与里程碑事件的一般提示”。

愚人节 4TEZ

为庆祝即将到来的愚人节(4 月 1 日),tezos 社区范围内的活动由#Fool4Tez 组织。有关更多详细信息,请参阅下面链接的推文。



Ktorn 为teia.art上的协作合同功能制作了一个解释器视频。本指南是创建“合作”(collab)合同步骤的演练屏幕记录。Teia wiki 上还附有合作合同的书面指南:

How To Collaborate on Teia | Walk-Through DIY Collab Smart Contract on Teia.Art | #Tezos