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Teia Newsletter #7 - 26 May 2022


Events, Tokens, Tools, Fountains and Charts

Whats happening in the Tezos ecosystem? The answer is - as always: Quite a bit! Currently, we are focused on getting our DAO off-the-ground and are seeking input and feedback from the community. 🕸 The indexer is almost ready to be updated; and the community is bursting with events and initiatives. 🥳 We also got some tips for useful tools and info about our new donation address and the relaunch of the ⛲️ Tezos fountain for new artists that need their first Tez to mint their works. 📈 And charts, everybody loves charts.

DAO Development Discussion

We are proceeding towards our DAO launch - the contracts are ready and tested. We have a general roadmap for the launch, but still some tasks and questions that need to be addressed first. Currently, the focus is on selecting a distribution model for our Teia DAO Token drop. The first Token drop will be rewarding Teia/H=N users based mostly on their activity of interaction with the Teia/H=N smart-contracts. There will also be a 1:1 reward for hDAO holders. How big the overall percentage of tokens given for hDAO tokens held will be is to be discussed and decided. The current distribution model proposals range between roughly 20% and 40% of the overall Teia token supply being reserved for hDAO claims.

(Note: Teia DAO tokens will still need to be claimed via a token drop site. We expect a lot of unclaimed tokens to remain unclaimed. Any unclaimed tokens will be distributed in future drops that will be solely based on activity with the Teia ecosystem.)

Over the next few days we will run some twitter polls to get some general, non-binding, feedback on the token drop parameters; and invite the whole community to join the discussion.

Hop into the #🦋general-dao channel on the Teia Discord server to discuss and comment on the DAO distribution discourse thread.

A more detailed write-up of the state of the DAO development can be read on our wiki.

Info Thread About The DAO Development (with translations)

To give everyone an update about the DAO development, Jagracar, Denscimonk and MerchantCoppola wrote a Twitter thread that gives up to date info about our upcoming DAO launch and is also supposed to be a kickstarter for a broader discussion around the DAO Token distribution. Read it here:


You can find an article version of this thread with all available translations on our blog (currently available languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German… New translations will be added as they are ready.)

Community Representatives

As we get closer to creating our DAO, we are working toward forming our Regional and Equity Representatives team. Please make sure you have checked-in to the Discord if you have been contacted as a representative in #🌐representatives channel to confirm. The next steps will be solidifying reps and collecting wallet addresses for the contract. If you are new and interested in this initiative, please hop into the Discord to introduce yourself!

New Donation Address

Teia’s fees are still set to 0% and will probably remain like that for some more time. Our infrastructure (run by TezTools) is being paid by donations until we have decided upon a legal roadmap (which is currently in the works). So far, we have raised enough funds to cover the next 1-2 months of regular costs. However, every tez donated helps us to keep everything running smoothly.

Manitcor of TezTools has set up a new main cold-wallet for infra-donations. The old donation wallet will continue to be functional and donations to the old (hot) donation wallet will be sent to the new cold wallet.

If you have a few tez to spare for support, please consider donating to our infra-funds or the newly launched Teia Fountain to support on-boarding new artists to our ecosystem (more info on the fountain below).

The new donation address is:

teiaescrow.tez (tz1Q7fCeswrECCZthfzx2joqkoTdyin8DDg8)

I have now switched to a Ledger cold wallet for escrow funds in support of efforts to raise more funds for TEIA's hosting and service needs. The hot wallet is still active and I will keep control of it indefinitely however regular usage will change to the ledger wallet:

New Cold Wallet - Ledger https://tzkt.io/tz1Q7fCeswrECCZthfzx2joqkoTdyin8DDg8/operations/

Old Hot Wallet - Temple https://tzkt.io/tz1VsAWHavM8PvJZpedLr5BWuveypGxSVJUf/operations/


If you want to donate but are unable to send tez, you can send donated NFTs for future sale or you can make a collab contract with this wallet in an effort to fund-raise. When making a collab contract, make sure to add the wallet as a beneficiary (not a collaborator so that signing will only be required from your end; making verification simple) The address will also be added to the suggested beneficiary addresses in the collab contract menu.

Information on how to set up a collab (Ukraine Fundraiser Collab Guide) is available here: https://github.com/teia-community/teia-docs/wiki/Ukranian-Fundraising

The Fountain is Alive ⛲️ (Again)

The ⛲️ Tezos fountain is online again! If you are an artist who wants to start minting on Tezos and have a hard time getting your first Tez to mint due to financial or equity related barriers you might face, you can apply for a drop from our ⛲️ Teia Fountain.

Applications can be made in the #⛲fountain channel via the pinned form.

The fountain is a one-time accessed 0.5 XTZ for minting your first pieces. Please do not use these funds for purchasing NFTs or for updating your Teia or tzprofile until you have made some sales.

Please look at our community Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions before minting your artwork. For guidance on how to mint, please check out our FAQ and hop into the Discord to ask for help. 👾

We are currently setting up another mult-sig wallet for ⛲️ Teia Fountain donations. For now, if you want to support the fountain by sending a few tez please send them to fountain.tez ⛲️

If you want donate bigger sums, please reach out first as this wallet is not supposed to hold too much tez as its a hot-wallet currently. Once we have set up the multi-sig donation wallet for the fountain, bigger sums can be safely donated to that address.

New Indexer Development:

The Teia Devs have been working on a new indexer and are preparing for deployment. Once the new indexer is live, it might cause some issues if people are using the hic et nunc prefix.

The new indexer is based on DipDup 5.1.1 which no longer uses the hic_et_nunc_ prefix for the tables. Developers using the GraphQL API need to adjust all GraphQL queries to remove the prefix for it to work.

api.teia.rocks => old => hic_et_nunc

api.teia.art => new => no prefix

Zir0h will maintain the old indexer up on teia.rocks to allow time for everyone to switch over.

The date of launch has not yet been determined. When more information is available, an update will be shared via TeiaCommunity Twitter and announced in the Discord.

Its Dangerous To Go Alone - Take These Tools!

A little tip for everyone that is struggling with dead links: Redirector is a Firefox plugin that lets you automatically switch mirrors when clicking a link.

Please check out this tool as suggested by SableRaph to learn more:


Bulk Reswap Tool

For easy reswapping onto Teia’s swap contract, check out NFTBiker's tool:


More Tools!

For more tools take a look at the overview of tools around the OBJKT Token ecosystem on our wiki.

If you know tools that are missing, please feel free to submit them via a github issue to our wiki

Upcoming and Currently Running Virtual Exhibitions and Events:

Flora | Fauna

Flora|Fauna showcase in Teia's tz1and will open on the weekend of May 28th. Submissions were collected from the community by Badlament and PearlHyacinth and will focus on the theme of flora and fauna. Final date and time to be confirmed and will be announced via Teia Twitter account and in Discord.


Into The Lab: NFT Creations on Tezos

Berlin - May 26 - 6.30pm - hosted by TZ Connect

Crcdng will give a talk and curate a small exhibition of Teia/HEN artists. The event will also have Holly from Rarible & Paul from fxhash. More information and tickets available here: https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-aqgpdpzy/events/286008955/

NFTNYC Planning

Several Tezos events are scheduled for 🏙 🗽 NFTNYC, and Teia will be there too! 🥳 Planning is ongoing in the Discord. If you have an event to share, please do in the #nftnyc-planning channel.

Teia at Geckocon

Teia will be represented by Mumu_thestan and Mel with a speaking engagement at the upcoming Geckocon event which takes place July 14-15.

More information about Geckocon available here: https://landing.coingecko.com/geckocon-2022/


For all fans of Japanese culture, there is a minting event around everything Japan happening right now, initiated by TezosJaponica. see Tweet for more information:


#1of1 initiative

In July there will be an event initiated by theTickle Magazine aimed at appreciating and creating unique 1/1 mints on tezos in order to show and prove once again that there is indeed a market and demand for super rare NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain. Follow their twitter to find out more and see more #1of1



With similar goals in mind, an upcoming event seeks to raise the floor in the Tezos ecosystem with an ongoing event called #high4tezos.


This is a community led event, which begins June 10th and more information is available in the recorded event launch space here: https://twitter.com/Nickellygarbaje/status/1527047330188480516?s=20&t=_mhjI8iXzgz2IeFBRkZ8zw

Mirror Outreach

One of the beauty of our ecosystem is the amount of DIY marketplaces that have been started over the last year. This is true decentralisation in the making. 🕸 Teia was started as a mirror of hicetnunc in November and there has always been the idea of our community being very cooperative with other tools and marketplaces from around the neighbourhood. Since we are a non-profit, open-source project, there is no reason to think competitively; on the contrary, we are looking to connect with more Mirrors within the ecosystem to amplify our siblings. If you know of, or run, other mirrors, please let us know in the Discord so we can connect with you! We are thinking about getting a recurring “ecosystem round-table” going. We would like to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts about how to improve communications between the different projects around the Tezos NFT ecosystem - from alternative indie tool builders to big marketplaces.

Surfin’ Teia

While not technically a mirror, Teia Surf is a (YouTube & Twitch) broadcast of an experimental alpha prototype combining random OBJKTs from Teia and audio from Hen Radio.

Created by community members CarolynM8ri3 & Ryangtanaka to explore a curation layer that strikes a balance between guided and discoverable experiences.

Their goal is to make an automated entertainment/shopping dApp for audio and visual NFTs that is native to Web3. (Seeking smart-contract devs; will pay. DM Ryan.)


Teia Surf website

Teia Surf YouTube

Teia Surf Twitch

Open Call For Volunteers:

We are always eager to welcome new community members and volunteers! Some volunteer positions and areas we are looking for participation in are:

  • UX/UI Devs - Next Goal: We have a Design layout for a mansonry feed with better information ready and are looking for frontend devs that would be interested to help implementing it.
  • Disability Accessibility Devs - Along with the UX update we plan to make Teia a more accessible place for everyone and are looking for frontend devs that can help implementing the suggestions by our accessibility working group.
  • Translations - If you are interested in translating documents and Articles for the community, join the discord and get a "translator" role. You will be pinged with new documents that are waiting to be translated. The more languages, the better!
  • Guide Development and Education
  • DAO Discussions (see above)
  • Event Planning

If you have a skill or area of interest not listed here, feel free to jump into the Discord! There are always tasks available, and you will be paired with what matches your skills and interests.

Statement by Manitcor of TezTools

Manitcor, founder of Teztools and is currently the hired infra backbone of the Teia Marketplace since the beginning of the project, will start as Vice President of Engineering Blockchain at Tezos music NFT marketplace 🔗 Oneof. He wants to be open about that involvement and the possible implications of him working for Oneof and Teia at the same time. Oneof has been very helpful towards Teia so far: There have been larger monetary donations towards our project by Oneof and in November, OneOf opened their space at the Tezos Miami event to members of our community.

Here is a statement by Manitcor (taken from the Teia Discord server)

Hi TEIA Community, Intgreo Labs, LLC (TezTools) founder here. I have been asked and have accepted a position with @OneOfNFT as the Vice President of Engineering Blockchain. I came to OneOf over the course of working with them in trying to find ways they could assist the TEIA community without breeching any community feelings on intrusion. We were still going back and forth on this as TEIAs dao got closer and I mentioned I would be leaving my current day job. Upon hearing this Lin Dai of OneOf pounced and ran me through interview. The OneOf team is a really great group, Im quite excited to help them navigate web3. As for Integro/TezTools and all the things I do...thats not stopping! At all! My work at Integro is foundational to work I am doing everywhere else. So no services will be changing and like many devs in the space I will be working my day job AND working for myself and using both where it makes sense! however, there are a couple things that really come up Re: my OneOf involvement with TEIA.

  1. obv corp affiliation, i know people might be ok with that now, but thats when they thought it was arms reach, now the host is a VP at oneof even if its my personal business, you know there might be issues.
  2. obv corp affiliation with a company that truly wants to enhance the nft market (why is it stupid web2 still? i can tell you!) and has already expressed on a number of occasions a genuine interest in TEIA's mission and supporting the tezos nft community outside thier own market. I realize we will need to figure out the path forward here and I am open to ideas and reasoned discussions. I look forward to working with everyone and hope we can find a way for OneOf to be a good neighbor in our ecosystem.

Post Mortem: May Community Events

This month has been full of community events. #tezos4tezos was not only an exciting event showing the incredible diversity and talent of the whole Tezos art community, but also a trip down memory lane for all Tezos artists that participated in events like OBJKT4OBJKT and H=N milestone celebration events. #tezos4tezos event spiked the numbers of contract calls of the Teia marketplace contract, and the website usage! 🔥 📈

Fear4Tez started on Friday 13th is currently bringing spooky eerie and strange pieces into our collections. 👻

Big thanks to Jake Gumbleton, Lily White and NFTBiker for organizing and making these events possible!

Charts, Charts, Charts

Finally, as promised, some lines, curves and numbers. 📈

Tezos4tezos really shows

We start with a chart from Zir0H showing the hits on the currently used indexer of Teia (teia.rocks) - as you can see it was fairly calm until it was used as the main teia indexer in mid April and during the tezos4tezos event around May 8th teia really gained some traffic momentum. Luckily the indexer really held up pretty well during that event. Thanks Indexer, Thanks Zir0h!


Teia contract sales volume

Another Chart where you can clearly see the Tezos4Tezos effect is the sales volume of the Teia marketplace contract: line goes up! 📈

(For a more up to date visualisation and breakups of Tezos marketplace trades, visit NFTbikers marketplace stats site and see for yourself!)


Collab Contract Stats

  • Since the launch of the collab contract feature, 855 artists have created a collab contract
  • The average number of artists per collab contract is 2.25
  • 3094 collab OBJKTs have been minted, of which 1971 have been signed by at least one of the artists involved



Already a few days old but, THIS is still nice to see 😎 (Taken from a tweet by Webbovich, stats taken from https://cryptoslam.io/ on May 18th, only including transactions on marketplaces tracked by cryptoslam.io, only owner-to-owner transactions) FTJmIKpaUAAcd2e