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Teia Newsletter #12 - October 31th 2022


Voting results, SavePakistan updates, introducing Tezos4Iran, Halloween and some fresh tech updates coming in November

As always, Teia is busy; In October a lot of time and effort went into setting up and working on the two current charity fundraisers: #SavePakistan and #Tezos4Iran. But that's far from all that is happening: There are new tech updates to be released in November that will improve the user experience of Teia by a lot, we will work on further expanding the visibility and since its Halloween today, there are some spooky and fun events to check out.

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Tezos4Iran - Event in solidarity with the Iranian protests

In the wake of the historic protests against the killing of young Iranian women, Teia has set up a charity fundraiser in solidarity with the protests and to raise awareness for women’s rights in Iran.

Due to international sanctions against Iran, it is rather hard for an aspiring non-profit organisation like Teia to find legally safe ways to support the Iranian Protests. The charity team has taken some time to brainstorm and develop ideas to acknowledge the situation and support the struggle for human rights in Iran. We hope that our humble efforts will help spreading awareness and encourage more decentralised efforts by the community to help the Iranian fight for freedom and liberty.

Currently the Tezos art community community has started multiple different initiatives under the umbrella hashtag #Tezos4Iran. Check out the hashtag for fundraiser pieces and many more community initiatives!

The Tezos4Iran charity fundraiser

The donation address for this event is KT1KYfj97fpdomqyKsZSBdSVvh9afh93b4Ge. (Do NOT send NFTs directly to the donation address, but if you wish to send Tezos or oXTZ, please do!)

The funds received in that address will support United4Iran (more details below), more organizations may be added as beneficiaries in the future. The Charity Team is always open for feedback and suggestions of other ORGs that could be added to the fund.

At the point of this newsletters publish, more than 3000 Tezos have already been raised and handed over to the Organisations Tezos Wallet in the first week!

How to Participate in the fundraiser

To join the event, mint a fundraiser piece with either a split contract on Teia.art or any other Tezos Marketplace. You can also use objktcoms "advanced listing" to set up a split swap of an already minted NFT to direct the sales directly and verifiably to the Donation Address.

Use the tag #Tezos4Iran when minting pieces and when tweeting about fundraiser pieces.

To tie the pieces together, we suggest to use the colours of the Iranian flag (green: #239f40, white: #FFFFFF, red: #da0000), but of course this is optional.

Find all the Info about the fundraiser on the Wiki Article

Where to find Tezos4Iran fundraiser pieces

The pieces minted with the the event tag “Tezos4Iran” are being displayed on Tezos4Iran.teia.rocks.

We will also soon have a dedicated feed for fundraiser pieces that shows OBJKTs that were either minted with the Iran donation address as beneficiary (of at least 50% of sales volume) or tagged with #Tezos4Iran. You will be able access this feed by clicking on “🇮🇷 Iran” at the top of teia.art, as shown below as soon as the feed goes live within the next days.

Since this event is more about showing solidarity and less about raising money, the feed will display all pieces minted with the hashtag, however the charity team will have the ability to remove pieces from the feed that clearly misuse the tag for simple self-promo and/or go against the code of conduct.


About The Supported ORG - United4Iran

The funds donated to KT1KYfj97fpdomqyKsZSBdSVvh9afh93b4Ge will support United4Iran, an independent nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The four main program areas supported by United4Iran are:

  1. Technology to support activists from afar; breaking down walls of censorship, isolation, and oppression.
  2. Iran Prison Atlas - documenting the conditions of Iran's political prisoners, the judges that convict these prisoners, and the prisons that hold them.
  3. Campaigns that lead to direct pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). The campaigns are aimed at saving lives, releasing prisoners, or stopping prosecutions of people who post something on Facebook, show up at a rally, or otherwise exercise their right to have a voice in the country they love.
  4. Direct support for the movement inside Iran. The thousands of people who are willing to risk their freedom in Iran need support. U4I's network of activists and organizations worldwide collects best practices and offers resources to the people of Iran. They also provide them with strategic and organizational support.

Versum X Teia Marketplace Contract Integration

The Community vote (announced in Newsletter #11) about the TeiaxVersum swap support for OBJKT Tokens is over and here are the Results:

255 Teia/H=N users have voted.

Yes, Teia and Versum SHOULD support each other's swaps: 251 votes (98.4%)

No, Teia and Versum SHOULD NOT support each other's swaps: 4 votes ( 1.6%)

This means: Teia and Versum will work towards showing swaps done on each others marketplace contracts on both marketplace UIs in the future.

Users of both platforms will benefit from an increased visibility of their swaps: Your listing prices for OBJKT Tokens will appear on both platforms (smiliar to the TeiaxObjktcom integration)

for more Details, check out the swap support explainer article on our Wiki

Tech Updates in November

Teia will soon expand marketplace contract supports, but there are so many more tech updates to go live soon on Teia planned for November:

  • With the long awaited Thumbnail support, Teia will further improve the speed of the User Interface.
  • Based on a discord poll a few weeks ago, a feature request will be implemented to show split contract pieces with only one core collaborator (i.e. the fundraiser pieces) in the main “creations” tab of profiles that have a beneficiary.
  • There will be new URLs for specific parts of Teia, for example linking to specific parts of the profile like the creations tab will be possible.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the mobile UX for Teia.
  • The upload limit for mints will be increased by a lot. More details will be announced in the future.

The dev team will also start to work on switching from hicdex as an indexer software to teztok. This will take some time, but will probably allow for some nice user interface improvements along the way.

7 Halloween Events: PickYourPoison

It’s spooky season, and this Halloween, there are 7 different events all joined under the umbrella hashtag #PickYourPoison:

  • SpookyTuna
  • DarkTez
  • TrickOrTez
  • TezosAndTalismans
  • TezWizards
  • SpookyKute
  • TezGNGHalloween

Check out this Twitter Thread to see info on all of the events and check out the many spaces surrounding the event, including prizes and silent shill spaces to showcase event artwork:


Tezos Presents: State of the Art

Live-Stream Replay from Paris Event Oct 19-23

New platforms, techniques and forums continue to transform the curation, ownership and display of works of art. Tune in to the Paris+ par Art Basel live stream and explore how generative artists are leading this constant evolution.

State of the Art - Presented by Tezos

Teia Community Curation: Decentralized Approach

The @TeiaArt curation process has changed a little since the last round! Curators are chosen in small batches and organize themselves in a schedule that works best for everyone. A lead is chosen from the previous curation cohort to assist the new group with questions and tips. So far, the results have been wonderfully creative as each curator takes their own approach. There have been 24 who have curated in this group so far, and applications for future batches are currently closed until the next 30 complete their curation! Keep an eye out for announcements if you want to curate in the future!

Changing Channels: Discord Forums

Discord has released a new Forums feature and Teia will soon be adopting its use for some channels, including Shill, Non-Shill Art Discussion and Community Events. Please use appropriate tags for the best possible discovery of your posts. The NSFW channel will remain as a separate channel, and any work designated as NSFW will continue to be shared there. Any current channels related to the three topics mentioned above will be archived following the launch of the forums. If you have Tezos Community minting event ideas, you can share them with the proposal tag, and you will be able to find sub-community specific and medium tags to add to your work as well!

Teia Community on YouTube!

Please follow our YouTube channel, now with our new handle @TeiaCommunity !

You can see our video updates, guides and events will be posted on this channel! Check it out here.


Maybe now is a good time to take a look at what the #Savepakistan Fundraiser has achieved so far: Within 40 days of the initiative , almost 4000 Tezos have been raised for #SavePakistan via about 75 artworks minted on various Tezos marketplaces. This equates to about 6000 USD at the publishing date of this Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who participated so far by minting and collecting fundraiser pieces and also a special thanks to all communities, marketplaces and organisations that have joined the efforts so far.

The aftermath of the floods in Pakistan is still in a critical situation and further boosting of this fundraiser helps support ongoing relief efforts on the ground. Head over to the Pakistan feed on Teias Frontpage or the eventpage https://savepakistan.teia.rocks/ to explore the fundraiser art.

Tayaba, the main Organisation that gets supportred by the fundraiser, sent us a Report on the Impact of their operations on the ground, now available on our Github doc archive.