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Announcement: Update to Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions


Update to the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service

(this update is taken from the Community Newsletter #10)

Teia has been managing its own restriction-list for a while now, and the Content Moderation Team has agreed on a few changes and clarifications to the Rules of the Platform:

The rules have remained mostly the same, but the documents now better reflect the current practices of the Content Moderation Team and give artists and collectors a better understanding of the context of Teia’s content moderation rules.

The only real new addition is that content that is overtly sexual or gory (Not Safe For Work, NSFW) is required to be classified as such in the updated minting form. The same goes for content that is potentially triggering photosensitive seizures. (for more info read the paragraph “new Minting UI” below). Note: This doesn’t mean that NSFW material is forbidden or not wanted on Teia, but there will be new tools and moderation systems in place to help with user and legal safety.

Other than that, there have been a few more clarifications and restructuring to the Code of Conduct (COC) and Terms and Conditions documents: The code of conduct now is mainly reflecting general guidelines and best practices while the terms and conditions document now hosts all the definite rules of the Teia community spaces and platform and goes into more detail, especially about unacceptable behaviour.

The Rules have been drafted collectively by the content moderation team and based on input by various members of the community in the discord channel #core-values-philosophy as well as the COC working document and is always open to feedback from the community, as time and space progresses, changes to these documents will be unavoidable. Feel free to leave input in the COC working document.

We also got a new category of flagging accounts on teia.art: The content moderation team can now put accounts "under review", this means that a info text will be displayed on the accounts pages, asking for the account owner to come to the discord to clarify suspicious activities or raised red flags with the content moderation team. "under review" accounts not restricted and are still able to trade and sell artworks, but will be monitored closely.

We ask all community members to read these documents carefully, as by using the Teia marketplace you agree to abide by these rules:

You can find the current Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions on our wiki.

The new documents are in effect from today.

Feedback to the documents can be discussed in the channel #core-values-philopsphy on the Teia Discord